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online paymentGoogle search results typically uses your webpage title, url and meta-description in order to show relevant summarized information about your web site. The Central Bank serves as Azerbaijan’s central financial institution, empowered to situation the nationwide forex, the Azerbaijani manat , and to oversee all industrial banks.

Initial alterations have included the reestablishment of spiritual schooling (banned throughout the Soviet interval) and curriculum adjustments that have reemphasized using the Azerbaijani language and have eliminated ideological content.

Test in case your webpage is using the robots meta tag or the X-Robots-Tag HTTP header to instruct engines like google to not comply with the hyperlinks in your page. A page cache saves dynamically generated pages and serves the pre-generated (cached) web page to reduce server load and web site loading time (by avoiding the re-loading and execution of PHP scripts).

If you’d like engines like google to crawl all the outgoing hyperlinks in your webpage you should take away the nofollow meta tag. Google recommends that nofollow tags are used for paid ads on your web site and hyperlinks to pages that have not been vetted as trusted sites (e.g., hyperlinks posted by customers of your website).