5 Traits of a Successful Web Design Company

So long as there is an Internet, there will always be a need for web design. While some companies use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to promote themselves, there’s something about having a web site of their own that comes across as just a little more professional to the average consumer. For that reason, web design continues to be a field with plenty of demand.

Naturally, that also means it’s a very competitive market. A badly designed web site can turn customers away or bring a business’s seriousness into question. Web designers, therefore, have to strive to make sites that not only look appealing but scream professionalism. Yet what is it that truly makes a web design company great?

It’s Easy to Find

If your web design company is based in Miami and somebody was to type Miami web design company on a search engine, yours should be

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Artificial Intelligence: An Untapped Resource in the Energy Industry

The adoption of artificial intelligence in the energy industry has been somewhat slow and it is currently being used mainly in limited roles. However, there is an increasing understanding of the advantages that AI, robotics, machine learning, and related technologies can contribute to this sector.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) has enabled the collection and transmission of complex data in huge amounts. This data, gathered via connected devices, such as sensors, can be analyzed and interpreted to gain useful insights.

AI-Enabled Robots

AI-enabled robots are mostly in the stage of research and testing. The Offshore Robotics for Certification of Assets (Orca) program is developing robots that can inspect, repair, maintain and certify offshore energy installations.

They have sensors to allow them to understand the environment and algorithms for planning, acting, and interacting with humans and the environment. These sophisticated robots are currently being tested … Read More

Designing Buildings To Withstand Earthquakes

Japan and the United States are two of the world’s most technologically advanced countries. Geographically, they also have something in common: significant earthquake fault lines are found within their borders. They both have a problem of protecting people and infrastructure from earthquakes but they have responded in different ways.

The Use Of Base Isolators

A building shakes with the ground during an earthquake. If it shakes too much, this can cause structural damage to walls, beams, columns, and braces. Even if a building remains standing, damage to these structural elements means it is no longer safe.

Base isolators act like shock absorbers and reduce the amount of sway and tremor during an earthquake. They sit between the building and the ground and allow the building to slide back and forth. Buildings that use base isolation are more likely to survive a strong earthquake. The anchor bolts, beams, and braces remain … Read More