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Azerbaijan has an historic and historic cultural heritage Aside from having been the first Muslim-majority nation to have operas, theater and performs, Azerbaijan as we speak is among the many Muslim-majority countries where help for secularism and tolerance is the highest.

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Two thirds of Azerbaijan is wealthy in oil and natural gas 123 The area of the Lesser Caucasus accounts for many of the country’s gold , silver , iron , copper , titanium , chromium , manganese , cobalt , molybdenum , complex ore and antimony 123 In September 1994, a 30-year contract was signed between the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) and 13 oil corporations, among them Amoco , BP , ExxonMobil , Lukoil and Statoil 117 As Western oil firms are capable of faucet deepwater oilfields untouched by the Soviet exploitation, Azerbaijan is considered probably the most vital spots on this planet for oil exploration and growth.