Offer custom instax film service for events such as birthdays and weddings

The way people celebrate has changed. Nowadays everything is on social media. Everything has to be uploaded to the Internet. For this, people need something they can post. The custom instax film service allows you to reach clients who are celebrating a birthday or wedding and want their guests to take fun photos and take them as a souvenir. Whether it’s a quinceaƱera, a wedding or a birthday, the design of the instant photo frame should match the theme of the celebration. Preparing this type of service can be time-consuming, but once you get it right it becomes very cost-effective. In fact, if you are creative enough everyone will want to hire you. It is important to organize everything before you start offering your services.

How can creativity help you increase your sales?

For this type of business to succeed, you have to be able to offer people things they didn’t even know they wanted. To achieve this you can rely on a theme for each celebration. If you use the custom instax film in a wedding, you need fun elements that are related to this celebration but which no one expects. For example, you can have clouds with fun messages. One cloud can say “I fell in love with madness” and another “Hello, my name is Madness”. You can also have fun objects refering to a marriage. The idea is that the instant photo frame should contain a funny photo. It should also contain the details of the celebration such as the date and similar elements. Don’t forget to include your company information so that other people can contact you as well.

Use instant photo frame to promote your services

Unfortunately, many people don’t know that certain services exist. The best way to surprise them is to show them exactly what you offer. That is why your social networks should promote custom instax film and the whole process behind your services. When people see how fun and original it is they will want you as part of their celebration. It is important that you do not stagnate. There are many types of celebrations you can participate in. Remember to include decorative elements to make the instant photo frame look even better. It may take time, but once you have an established client portfolio your business will become profitable. The secret to success is to innovate. Add technology to your services and surprise your clients even more.