How to started Online Marketing Strategies for Food Products

One area of business that is quite promising is the culinary business. This is because food products that is definitely sought after and needed by many people. However, this business may not be promising if you don’t practice product marketing strategies for your food.

Food Products

There are lots of culinary businesses scattered in each region and maybe with the same product. Without the right product marketing strategy, you will find it difficult to survive in the midst of intense business competition. As a result, the culinary business that you started may only last as long as a corn.

Meaning of Product Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is an attempt to increase product sales and increase business. This effort itself varies, from promoting products through social media, distributing discounts and so on.

Why, really, does it mean that the product marketing strategy is implemented? As explained above, there are many culinary businesses that are scattered in Indonesia.

It is possible that the person next door to your house or your shop is also pursuing a culinary business with the same type of product. Therefore, it is very meaningful to introduce a wider range of businesses and products.

Without introducing your business and products more broadly, people won’t know that you’re selling. You can do this by mastering and practicing the right product marketing strategy.

Well, this marketing strategy also varies widely and of course varies according to the type of food product being sold. For example, if you sell frozen food products, then you can sell them online, such as through social media or food ordering applications.

When you have mastered and successfully implemented the right product marketing strategy, not only have sales increased, but your business has also grown. If the business continues to grow, sales and profits will also continue to increase.

Step 4P in Product Marketing Strategy

Before deciding and implementing a marketing strategy for food products, there are 4 steps that must be tried. Well, the 4 steps of this marketing strategy are called the 4P marketing mix or marketing mix. What are the 4 steps of the marketing strategy?

• Products

Before deciding what marketing strategy to try, first determine the food products you want to sell. Find out what the market likes and what’s currently trending in the market. By recognizing market needs, sales of food products will also increase.

• Prices

Maybe you want to get big profits, but don’t let the prices set don’t match the product and purchasing power of the business target market. If the culinary products being sold are simple meals that are popular, the costs must also be affordable. In essence, adjust the price with the target market’s product and purchasing power.

• Place

Place is one factor that also means in doing business. If in the past places were only in the form of physical buildings, now they can sell through digital media. Starting from social media, web to other digital media. To determine this place, you can check the expertise and products sold.

• Promotions

The last step in the 4P marketing mix is promotion or promotion. Carrying out promotions to further introduce products and brands is very meaningful to try. This will help you get more leads, conversions and sales. You can carry out promotions according to the product and of course the target market.

7 Marketing Strategies for Food Products

So, if you have mastered the 4P marketing mix, then you can determine what strategy you want

used in business. There are many marketing strategies that can increase product sales and increase business. However, back to the product and target market of the business.

In order to be able to create and determine what marketing strategy to apply to your food products, follow the 7 examples of marketing strategies below.

1. Online Product Marketing Strategy

An example of a marketing strategy for food products so that sales can increase is to move online. It is undeniable that the development of technology is currently making almost everyone fulfill their various needs online. Listed in terms of meeting food needs.

You can sell online by using social media like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Not only that, messaging applications such as Whatsapp can also be used for selling. You can also use the marketplace as a place to sell. However, don’t forget to adjust it to the food products of the culinary business.

2. Food Product Marketing Strategy Through the Website

Currently, you can not only run a culinary business via social media, Whatsapp or food delivery applications. You can also sell online by creating a website. By creating a website, market reach can also be wider.

Not only that, data on food products and businesses can also be conveyed in a clearer and more detailed manner. In contrast to social media which has a limit on the number of personalities, so the data that is informed cannot be so detailed. Your business will also appear more reliable and trustworthy.

3. Business Web Optimization

If you already have a business website, don’t allow the website to be ‘idle’. You can use a business website to increase sales by optimizing the website. This optimization was tried with the aim of making the website rank early in search results for business keywords.

What’s the optimization method? You can study SEO methods or Search Engine Optimization as a strategy for business food products. Through SEO, your website will be easier to find by audiences who really need products.

4. Product Marketing Strategy Through Google Ads and Facebook Ads

One marketing strategy that is often recommended by digital marketers is to advertise through Google Ads and Facebook Ads or what is known as SEM. Well, SEM itself stands for Search Engine Marketing. This is a product and brand marketing strategy through paid search engines.

One of them is by placing advertisements via Google Ads or Facebook Ads according to business needs. By placing advertisements, the audience reach of the business will be wider and more accurate according to the target market.

5. Active on Social Media

Not just a place to socialize, social media is a business medium that is quite effective for increasing engagement. Not a few businesses whose sales have increased and grown because of being viral on social media.

This can happen because social media has a lot of users. Actively providing all information about your brand and business products can be an effective marketing strategy.

6. Using Food Delivery Services

Currently, digital technology in Indonesia is growing rapidly. Almost all needs and activities are fulfilled through digital technology. One of them is the need for food. You can use this to increase sales and improve your culinary business.

7. Make Attractive Promos

One of the characteristics of buyers in Indonesia is to like promos in the form of discounts. Moreover, some business experts also say that discounts are a very effective product marketing strategy. When giving discounts to buyers, they will be tempted and feel there is an urgency to use the promo.

Not only discounts, you can also share other attractive promos that are also tempting for buyers. That way, sales of your food products will also increase and your business will continue to grow.