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business food culinary3c. The moon turns pink, the solar is darkened, the stars of the sky fall (Isaiah 13:10, Isaiah 24:23, Isaiah 34:four, Ezekiel 32:7, Joel 2:10, Joel 2:31, Joel 3:15, Amos 5:20, Amos 8:9, Zephaniah 1:14-15, Matthew 24:29, Mark thirteen:24-25, 2 Peter three:10, 12, Revelation 6:12-14, Revelation sixteen:10).

Immediately, they swooped down, & I had a thick scar beneath my pectorals, as if wounded unto dying by the sword & healed (such a thing being the one assured marcation of the anti-christ, talked about in Revelation thirteen:3; 2 Thessalonians 2:three mentions the day of Christ shall not come until the lawless one is revealed; John 17:12 notes the one one misplaced that the Father gave Christ is the son of perdition; perdition can also be only talked about in Revelation 17:eight & 11, relative to the anti-christ, specifically).

As, I had accounted before Olodumare is often known as Olorun, and he allows himself to be seen within the heavens during the daylight hours in his highness ( references to the solar and why this performs a vital position in all Yoruba ceremonies of giving reverences to Olorun with the mid-day solar : i.e.; Liberation).